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Create inbound pipeline component for forwarding events to a Hazelcast queue

A new inbound processor needs to be added so that all events may be forwarded to a Hazelcast queue for processing. Currently, there is only support for broadcasting Hazelcast events over topics for pub/sub behavior. Also, the fact that the processor is on the outbound processing chain means that SiteWhere will have already persisted the events before forwarding them to Hazelcast. Adding the inbound processor (and removing the inbound storage processor) will result in all events from a SiteWhere instance being forwarded to a Hazelcast queue without being persisted. This will allow one SiteWhere instance to forward events to any number of subordinate SiteWhere instances that take care of storage and post-processing. A new Hazelcast queue event source will also need to be added so that the subordinate instances can pull events off the queue.







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